Willie James Singleton

Updated: May 26

W. James Singleton born in the small town of Frierson, Louisiana. He attended college at Southern University in Baton Rouge and law school at Southern University School of Law. After he finished law school he immediately established his own solo practice and was elected to the Caddo Parish Police Trial Jury in 1976.

Singleton has also been a member of the Louisiana State Legislature, from 1983 to 1996, and a former Assistant State Attorney General.

Willie is curently the managing partner for the Singleton Law Firm; located in Shreveport and Lafayette Lousiana.

Founded in 1994, the Singleton Law Firm is based in Shreveport, Louisiana with an auxiliary office in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Singleton Law Firm has and will continue to pursue justice for those individuals that have suffered p

ersonal tragedy and need the help and support of someone they can trust and depend on.

Their commitment to people is what sets this firm above all others. Their main goal is to ensure that justice is served and every individual has their day in Court. If you or a loved one believe that you have been wronged by the actions of another individual or company, they invite you to contact their office for a free case evaluation. Their trained staff will guide you through the initial steps of the evaluation and then place you in the competent hands of one of their experienced attorneys.

Affiliated with the Following Institutions:

Louisiana Law Institute (former member)

Board of Governors-Lawyers (former member)

Ethics Committee Chairman – Shreveport Bar Association

Committee on Judiciary Louisiana State Legislature (former chairman)

Committee on Civil Law Louisiana State Legislature (former chairman)

Executive Committee of the Louisiana Trial Lawyers

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