The Lord Is Present (Adonai Shammah, sha-mah)

Scripture: Ezekiel 48:35 Truth about God: Omnipresence - Our God is everywhere, and yet God is experienced when believers call on God's name.

Adonai Shammah means the Lord who is present or who is here. God is omnipresent, meaning God is everywhere. However, God's presence is not always experienced everywhere. The manifest presence of God is when God is revealed by the Spirit of the Lord and is experienced by the believer through faith. God is on the throne of righteousness in heaven, but God is also right in our midst. We need to open our spiritual eyes to the presence of God. God is not a God who is far away that cannot be reached and that cannot reach us. The Lord is present here and now. We are called to seek after the presence of God with all of our hearts. The manifest presence of God is to be desired. Adonai Shammah is the God who is present in his anointing and power, right now, to touch us. The Lord touches us that we may touch others with the presence of God.


  1. The Lord God is with me wherever I go.

  2. God will never leave me or forsake me.

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