Stay in Your Grace

In Early Childhood Education (ECE), coloring was significant, and it wasn't an assignment I mastered. The teacher would always remind me that you can see the picture better if you color within the lines. I didn't quite understand that as a child but followed it more, the older I became.

"You can see the picture better if you color within the lines." That statement was powerful and bold. It's also the very thing that God is trying to get us to understand. God hopes we know that if we stay within his will, our lives will turn out better. The reality is many of us don't know how to stay in the will of God, especially living in a sinful world. We color outside the lines. When we find ourselves outside of the will of God, he continues to extend grace to us. As you may know, grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely, the peace of God given to the restless, the unmerited favor of God. A gift to the undeserved. Grace helps us to remain in God's favor even when we can't color within the lines of our lives that he's willed for us. That's why it's essential to stay within our grace. I've learned the best way to stay within your grace is to focus on your God-given grace. You cannot focus on who God decides to extend his grace to, if they should have it and why… Participating in that makes it hard to focus on yourself. You will never see the better you, coloring someone else pictures. I've learned the best way to succeed in God is finding yourself, working on "self," and be found keeping "self" on track to do the will of God. I believe that God extends to us grace to give us time to get better so we can bring his name even more glory. I leave you with this, "For sin shall no longer be your master because you are not under the law but under grace." Roman 6:14 (NIV) Be strong! Be Encouraged! Stay In your GRACE! Love You! Always, CeJay

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