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Written By: Mark Moore Jr. / August 14, 2019

If you have ever been involved in planning and hosting an event, even a simple spiritual get-together, you must be aware of the number of details that needs to be taken care of. From choosing the time and location to sending out invitations and setting up the audio-visual presentations, event hosting, especially large-scale events, are not easy to get right.

Elder Mark Moore Jr., a man whom God has blessed with many talents not least of which preaching and teaching the unadulterated Word of God across denominational lines, has extensive experience with event hosting. Through his work at Mark Moore Ministries, he hosts large conferences about knowing God, knowing ourselves, and knowing others. According to Elder Moore, the success of event hosting rests on four pillars: space, technology, catering, and guest experience.

Think in Terms of Space

When you think of space, you really need to get as creative and imaginative as you can. Every part of the venue can be tailored and customized not only to cater to more guests but also to add to the whole experience the guests receive. Consider for example lobbies, communal areas, and terraces. In normal situations, they’re hardly used. But when you’re hosting a large event and expecting a huge attendance as Mark Moore Jr. usually does, then such unused areas can become hot spots for guests and attendees to communicate, interact, and network.

This very act of interacting and spreading the Word of God and joy among guests is at the heart of any successful event that the Mark Moore Ministries organizes and hosts. By utilizing every inch of the space in the venue and creating accessible routes that connect all areas, it becomes easier for the host to reach the guests either through one-on-one interactions or in groups.

Utilize Technology

Technology has become an indispensable part of everyday life. And regardless of the type of event you plan to host, be it religious or otherwise, your preparations would need to include presentations and some form of entertainment. As Mark Moore Jr. points out, handling the tech side and making sure that the internet, the projector, and AV are all in good condition before the event starts is key to the event’s success.

Employing technology in their events is not something new to Mark Moore Ministries. And one of the reasons for the success of these events is that all tech equipment is always tested beforehand. As the event host, you’ll also need to have a backup in case something fails and clarify with any speakers about what equipment they’ll need well in advance.

Catering for Different Appetites

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “an army marches on its stomach”. So, the army of the faithful requires nourishment as it receives the Word of God. Having a versatile food menu can be the difference between a joyful event and one that the guests would rather forget about. The energy levels of the guests rely heavily on having nutritionally balanced menus. At the same time, the menus should be as diverse as possible. You’ll have to take care of guests with special food needs either out of choice such as vegans or because of medical conditions such as allergies. Mark Moore Jr. recommends a well-balanced menu packed with nutrients to keep the guests happy throughout the event.

Guest Experience and Feedback

When you ask any of the good people who have attended any of the Mark Moore Ministries events about what they enjoyed most, they’d invariably say it was the great experience they had there. Spreading the faith and building an authentic relationship with God is the mission of every believer, but the goal is to do this through a memorable experience. As you plan your event make sure to get feedback from the attendees.

Customer feedback is just as vital to the success of your event as the time you spend planning and organizing that event itself. It’s how you know where you have fallen short and which aspects of your planning appealed to most people. Mark Moore Jr. makes it a point to ask the guests after each conference about their experience. Their feedback helps him hone his skills and deliver his message across to more people regardless of age, color, or denominational background.

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