Christians Believers Please Stand With Me this Sunday

It is my hope that this communication finds you and your family in great health and care. We are witnessing unprecedented times in our world.  I am sure that like me, you are having moments of unrest due to the many lives being impacted not only by the pandemic but also with the cries of injustice and racial pain ringing across our world. 

Our roles as members of the clergy have allowed us to comfort families in their hardest times, rejoice with them in their happiest and help bring understanding, peace, guidance, and comfort during those moments where there are no concrete answers to the many questions of ‘Why us?’. We are facing the times of the latter in our country, but now one question is ringing out, “Where is the faith community?” My answer is we are where we've always been; that's in the center of goodwill throughout our community on a daily bases feeding the poor, clothing the naked, providing shelter for the homeless, visiting the sick, and incarcerated. However, it is my desire that we form a unified front to not only answer that question but also open much-needed dialogue with purpose and plans of action to combat the dark, smothering cloud named racism. 

After over 10 years of chairing the local preachers’ rallies with a mission to bring preachers together beyond race, age, gender, and demonstration. Also, now as the Director of KOKA, a local gospel radio station, I know that it will take more than a sermon, letter or social media post to enact that change that’s needed. It will take each of us walking out the talk that given that love drowns out hate.  It is time for us to come from behind the pulpits, roll up our sleeves, standing firmly UNITED in this city to give a black eye to the long lingering division.

I am asking you to join me at Unity Rally on Sunday, June 7, 2020. We will march at 1:30 P. M. to our place of prayer. The prayer rally will begin at 2:00 P. M. The march will be the culmination of a significant, historical journey from Old Galilee Baptist Church (where Dr. Martin Luther King spoke) to Little Union Baptist Church (where Dr. Harry Blake was beaten). Let us begin the groundwork of confronting racism with what we know best, LOVE, and UNITY. Change must happen, and as the leaders in the ministries we serve, it starts with us.

Meet me at the steps of the place with the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. boldly spoke out against racial injustices many years ago. Then, let us speak out, pray together, and sing together at the place of pivotal civil rights meetings, Little Union Baptist Church.  It would be an honor to have you share and/or pray for 3 minutes during the rally.

It is time to let LOVE and ONENESS be the lights that drive out hate, division, and racism in our city and country.  I have attached a copy of the route and other details in this communication. Let’s be the example for our congregants beginning this Sunday. We will strictly adhere to all social distancing requirements.

Please reply with your intentions to attend or have questions.  I look forward to shaking the foundation to make a true change in our city with you beyond this one day of events. 

In the spirit of unity, I am,


Unity Rally
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