Faithful to the call:


For 15 years, people's lives have become better due to the ministry of Pastor CeJay. Through his ministry, people have been healed, delivered, and set free but, most importantly, discovered their purpose in the will of God. Pastor CeJay is amongst notable ministers featured in the Shreveport Suns Newspaper and Shreveport Times for his work in ministry. Also, featured on local television stations KTBS, KSLA, KTAL, and Fox 33 as well. Pastor CeJay remains a charismatic, yet humble man. 


In 2018, one of Shreveport's senior ministers - Dr. Harry Blake recognized Pastor CeJay at the City-Wide Revival as a "promising future for clergy." He has been fortunate to minister in over 100 churches throughout the city, parish, and beyond. Much of his success in ministry comes from his grandfather, Pastor M. L. Johnson, Sr. who's been in ministry for 50 plus years. In 2011, Pastor CeJay started Faith Chapel with minimum resources. It was his first church that bore many great lessons for his ministry. Being a novice at pastoring, he eventually closed the church. The closure of the church led to Pastor CeJay experiencing mental depression in 2016. By the grace of God and with help from his grandfather, he was able to recover. He realizes that all preachers' journeys and experiences are different, but he also realized he must remain faithful to the call. 


He currently oversees Charles Johnson Ministries in Shreveport, LA.  

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