Gospel radio voice: 


Throughout the gospel industry, you'll hear Pastor CeJay's name mentioned as the "gatekeeper" for gospel music in the Shreveport market. Earlier we told you about Pastor CeJay barely having a chance to bring gospel music to a hip-hop radio station. Now, he's the first of his generation to become a manager of a major media outlet in Shreveport, LA. He oversees a 24-hour gospel radio station. That station is 980 AM / 93.3 FM - KOKA. It's the first African American radio station in Shreveport. Under Pastor CeJay's leadership, he revived the station, expanded its listener base, grew its social media following, increased the station revenue, and brought a diverse group of talent to the station. Everyday listeners call-in, come by the station or stop him in public offering compliments to the great work he's doing with the station. 


The station has a 35, 000+ listening base and a growing digital base as well. Pastor CeJay's show airs in the afternoon from 3 P. M. - 7 P. M. Also, he has the largest Sunday Morning radio show that can be heard on KOKA, KDKS, and KBTT from 6 A. M. to 10 A. M. 

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