Charles Edward Johnson (CeJay), is known for his voice on the radio. He enjoys a diverse urban listenership of over thirty thousand people. He uses his voice to empower, entertain and enhance those who tune in. CeJay is also a pastor and businessman. 


He believes in order to help people reach their destiny, you have to meet people where they are in life. He does that through ministry, media, and the marketplace.  

The pulpit, radio studio, and entrepreneurship paved the way for CeJay to become a very influential leader.   


Faithful to the call:


For 15 years, people's lives have become better due to the ministry of CeJay. Through his ministry, people have been healed, delivered, and set free but, most importantly, discovered their purpose in the will of God. His ministry has been featured in print publications and on television. He remains a charismatic, yet a humble man in ministry. 


In 2018, a senior statesman within his community - Dr. Harry Blake recognized Pastor CeJay at the City-Wide Revival as a "promising future for clergy." He has been fortunate to minister in over 100 churches throughout the city, parish, and beyond. Much of his success in ministry comes from his grandfather, Pastor M. L. Johnson, Sr. who's been in ministry for 50 plus years. In 2011, Pastor CeJay started Faith Chapel with minimum resources. It was his first church that bore many great lessons for his ministry. Being a novice at pastoring, he eventually closed the church. The closure of the church led to Pastor CeJay experiencing mental depression in 2016. By the grace of God and with help from his grandfather, he was able to recover. He realizes that all preachers' journeys and experiences are different, but he also realized he must remain faithful to the call. 


He currently oversees Charles Johnson Ministries in Shreveport, LA.  


Up and coming businessman:  


In October 2015, he created CeJay Enterprises of Louisiana. Later on, the company officially registered as a limited liability company within the State of Louisiana - May 2017. The company's creation was to manage the businesses and events owned by Pastor CeJay. 

He's organized some of the most successful events and concerts within Shreveport. He's responsible for bringing LeAndria Johnson, Jermaine Dolly, Tye Tribbett, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson, Joshua Rogers, The Walls Groups, and many more high profile gospel artists to Shreveport. Women of Worth, PraiseFest, IAM Gospel Talent Show, Pre-Mother's Day, Preachers Rally, etc. are some of the events that have blessed thousands of people. Every year Pastor CeJay and his team host events and concerts. 

He owns Tax Gurus of Louisiana and built it to a six-figure company with over 300 clients. 


Between businesses and events, CeJay Enterprises of Louisiana employs 30 plus full-time and part-time people. 


Gospel radio voice: 


Throughout the gospel industry, you'll hear Pastor CeJay's name mentioned as the "gatekeeper" for gospel music in the Shreveport market. Earlier we told you about Pastor CeJay barely having a chance to bring gospel music to a hip-hop radio station. Now, he's the first of his generation to become a manager of a major media outlet in Shreveport, LA. He oversees a 24-hour gospel radio station. That station is 980 AM / 93.3 FM - KOKA. It's the first African American radio station in Shreveport. Under Pastor CeJay's leadership, he revived the station, expanded its listener base, grew its social media following, increased the station revenue, and brought a diverse group of talent to the station. Everyday listeners call-in, come by the station or stop him in public offering compliments to the great work he's doing with the station. 


The station has a 35, 000+ listening base and a growing digital base as well. Pastor CeJay's show airs in the afternoon from 3 P. M. - 7 P. M. Also, he has the largest Sunday Morning radio show that can be heard on KOKA, KDKS, and KBTT from 6 A. M. to 10 A. M. 


An advocate in the community: 


Pastor CeJay uses his voice to advocate for causes that matter to him and the community. He's been a chief advocate and financial supporter for Domestic Violence organizations. Every year he gives away $1, 000 dollars to organizations that help domestic violence victims. His mother was a domestic violence victim, and a close family friend killed on social media due to domestic violence. 


He advocates for students to have access to higher education. He's been an advocate and financial supporter for HBCUs through his commitment to Southern University at Shreveport. Every year he gives away $1, 000 dollars through the alumni association to help students receive access to higher education. 


Pastor CeJay speaks out regarding inadequacies that affect his neighborhood - Lakeside and other matters within the City of Shreveport.


Our community is proud to know CeJay as a pastor,

entrepreneur, radio broadcaster, and advocate. 


He's the son of Sha Dillard and Johnny Shepard; he has six sisters and two brothers. He loves his grandparents M. L. and Silverine Johnson. Also, Ollie Shepard. Out of all that Pastor CeJay has achieved thus far, his family continually reminds him to be the best academically by strengthening his family names as many within his family didn't complete their education. 


Thus far, he's a proud graduate of C. E. Byrd High School (Diploma), Southern University at Shreveport (Associate Degree), University of Phoenix (Bachelor Degree), and East Texas Baptist University (Master of Arts Degree). Recently, Pastor CeJay has been accepted into United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH, to earn his Doctorate of Ministry degree.